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Queria tanto te dizer que eu já não te amo

Que o seu amor em minha vida foi mais um engano

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Pra Mudar a Minha Vida

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Zezé/Luciano...is part of my life...always in my heart ..I love too much...Brazil has accompanied the lives of these two since they were children... They are 2 stars that shine too much in the country music
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if i had the chance back in time i would do all the shit i did. again... I was just trying not to get it so right...because every time I thought I got it right I took tombo
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"To change my life" is very beautiful, and sends back many emotions, it reminds me of my mother who liked a boyfriend who loved this song. Anyway, somehow the songs of Zezé di Camargo and Luciano were always present in my life #SouRomantico
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Richandler almeida
Songs like that and a tr4nz4 is too much mass...
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Fernando Silva
Top too
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Zezé lost the voice he had before, for me he will continue to be one of the best singers in the country. These songs really marked my childhood.
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I wanted to tell you so much that I no longer love you That your love in my life was more of a mistake How long do I have to pretend? If my mouth dies for your kiss
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I'm 19 years old and now I understand everything they sing, and as a child I always said it was an old thing! Now I sing like "old" haha
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TikTok Music
Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano were the first Brazilian artists to have their own private plane. #Curiosity
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our vey will it be that i am the only 18 year old who love their songs very much 💝
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Man, I was listening to this and all of a sudden my mom called me to lunch like I hadn't been hungry for a month! Ha ha ha
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TikTok Music
If you like Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, try listening to Victor & Leo, a country duo with romantic and lively songs. #Discovering
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I remember when my father introduced me to this song, I was 10 years old. I didn't like the genre very much, but I could feel the message that is passed on... #zezeeluciano
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TikTok Music
"Pra Mudar a Minha Vida" is a moderately ongoing love song. The instrumentation is the acoustic and electric guitar, with drum accompaniment, bass, keyboard and wind instruments. The lyrics are about changing life for love, while the melody is simple and captivating. #Reviewal
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My parents sang this one together with her on guitar and him in voice, too beautiful, to this day I can't believe they broke up, very sad
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Damasio ismael ❤️
These Zezé songs are true stories
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after a while we start to like the songs that our parents liked
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Patricia de lima
when Zezé sang
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eita train good more
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Elem Priscila Sousa
hj hope you are on god's side 🙏
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