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Depois de tanto tempo sem te ver

De novo cara a cara com você

Nem sei como começar

Tenho tanto pra dizer

Dizer que o meu amor está cada vez maior

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Who then has never gone through this situation of feeling the lack of a love that has been lost and there is no turning back? What we can do is move forward, which one hour we will overcome, everything passes! #always #saudade
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Best duo ever...there are some good ones, but Zezé di Camargo & Luciano is top notch!!! I remember my gradient sound where I would put 5 CDs to run in the "random" option, I would put the sound box in the backyard...oh good time my god!!! 🤗💿💖🎶
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Exactly one year after they released this song. I was going through a relationship breakup. When I first heard it, I told everything I felt.
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Lina music
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I loved the lyrics of the song, I found it very poetic and intense. The voice is incredible and the high notes gave me goosebumps. I just didn't like the arrangement very much, I found it a little.
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the music touched me deeply. The lyrics address universal themes so delicately that the feeling is that it was written exclusively for me. The melody is immersive and the voice is chilling. A masterpiece
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This song has a feeling that many pass, the longing for an unrequited love, and that those who haven't spent a day will still pass. Don't you think?
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What is your opinion about the song "Sem Tú" by Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano? Do you think the instrumentation matches the lyrics? What is your favorite track of the duo? Share your opinion with us using #DescobrindoMúsica 🎵
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Man, I was listening to this song and I started dancing crazy My mom came into the room and asked if I was having a fit haha
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lisinha music success
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this destroys the top kkk
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Homem Feliz
beautiful music
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