Tune in Together

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Zone - Sam F/Jvzel

You think I care but I don't mind

When I don't hear a word from you

And we could never rewind

But it's cool like that cause I stay pouring jack in a solo

When I need to get away

Can't feel what I don't know

I'm all up in my zone zone

Pulled up on my own

Uber lux straight to the neck like whoa

Put diamonds on my chain

Cause this ice will numb the pain

I'm like yo bro do your thing

Swerving on you and I ain't gonna change

I'd rather be alone I don't need your love

I ain't trippin' off you

So baby go and slide up out my phone

I don't want you

So you can miss me with that sh*t you on like ooh

When you're feeling like you wanna get up on

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Zone (feat. JVZEL)

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