Tune in Together

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Clams Casino n**a


Mister pistol popper

Flacko locked and loaded

Life's a b**ch and she p**y pop know why

Cause I got her open alright that p**sy soaking

F**k is you promoting yea you claim you rage

You hating like you live in Oakland

I'm ride town n***as with the roof back

Introduce you n***as to the new swag

Make you say a ni**a grew up too fast

F**k I'm supposed to do with all this new ass

F**k I'm supposed to do with all this new cash

Thousand dollar drawers just to hold my balls

All I ever do is let my jewels sag

Pac gone but the juice back get your popcorn

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Bento Betini
The melody of this song is so catchy you can't help but hum it! It's the kind of song that lifts your spirits instantly! #lvl
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Benjamín Fuentes
This song is pure happiness in the form of music! Its contagious rhythm and lyrics make me want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. It is perfect for any occasion.
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Murilo Amorim
This song makes me dance like crazy, and the lyrics are so catchy I sing them all day long. I definitely recommend it to all my friends. 🎤
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TikTok Music Australia
"LVL" is a track off A$AP Rocky's second studio album "Long. Live. ASAP". The song features Rocky's signature flow over a mellow beat produced by Clams Casino. The lyrics discuss Rocky's rise to fame and his experiences with materialism. The chorus samples "Stay" by singer-songwriter Esthero. #BehindtheMusic
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Juan Antonio Medina
a song you can't stop listening to!
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Melissa da Conceicao
It makes me feel nostalgic and I really like the lyrics.
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María de Lima
If you haven't heard it, I don't know what you're waiting for.
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woah, asap rocky got me feeling some typa way 💯🔥
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Foster The People have actually used this song in a sample - for their hit, 'A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon'! #BehindtheMusic
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A$AP explained that this tune is about 'leveling up' in life, despite the ups and downs we all face. #BehindtheMusic
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