Tune in Together

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Baguncei a divisão, esparramei

Peguei sua opinião, 1, 2, pisei

Se der palpitação, não dá nada, conta até três

Negrita de lacaia carla que samba no bass

Se quiser conferir, vem cá, pra ver se aguenta

Miro muito bem, enquanto você tenta

Enquanto mamacita fala, vagabundo senta

Mamacita fala, vagabundo senta

Depois que ela me tocar não adianta fugir

Vai ter que se misturar ou se bater de frente, periga cair

Já que é pra tombar, tombei, bang-bang

Já que é pra tombar, tombei, bang-bang

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carolina_fernandes's avatar
You can say whatever you want about Konka, try to cancel etc etc, but saying that the cat doesn't serve good music will be difficult, it's serving from tombei until today!!!
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GiovannaMello81's avatar
ALL for me! The lyrics are so deep and true, the singer's voice is incredible and the rhythm is contagious I'm addicted to repeating!
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Man, this song is really cool! It makes me feel good and I even remember a roll that happened a while ago. But then I don't remember anymore haha
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Gustavo de Aquino's avatar
Gustavo de Aquino
reminds me of the day I fell to the floor drunk
renata_sousa's avatar
I love this song, I've been to a Karol concert, it was really good, I sang a lot
Mih (jenna s"stan)'s avatar
Mih (jenna s"stan)
boot to fall
Star! ★'s avatar
Star! ★
has already fallen
pihh🧿✨'s avatar
me listening hidden because i'm the person i hate but she kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
〖Ᏻ-𝕍e̶̸η𝓊ى〗's avatar
I'm mamaciterrr🤟😩😩
Onoto~chann's avatar
man, this music is fucking msm, what a pity you are an author....
Eduarda Gonçalves's avatar
Eduarda Gonçalves
oiac_o_goat's avatar
gabri3lcarm0's avatar
Bro that woman took a 1million subway tumble bro
ttggt's avatar
I'm addicted to Karol Conká's songs
Déa Oliveira's avatar
Déa Oliveira
when i checked here it was all bush 😔✋
ʚ ' 𝗡𝖺𝗅𝗎 !  | 𝝠𝗧̸⃟𝝣! 🥠's avatar
ʚ ' 𝗡𝖺𝗅𝗎 ! | 𝝠𝗧̸⃟𝝣! 🥠
look at this seal-
ʚ ' 𝗡𝖺𝗅𝗎 !  | 𝝠𝗧̸⃟𝝣! 🥠's avatar
ʚ ' 𝗡𝖺𝗅𝗎 ! | 𝝠𝗧̸⃟𝝣! 🥠
ja that to tomb, fell to juliette
gabe☆'s avatar
i hate the snake with k, but this msc of it MUAKAKAKAK
I don't exist anymore.'s avatar
I don't exist anymore.
I don't like the singer but the music 🦋🛐🛐
🇮🇹Wilker Martins🇮🇹's avatar
🇮🇹Wilker Martins🇮🇹
tombense FALLED THERE?
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