Tune in Together

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Y me quedé soñando

Con la ilusión a cuestas

Con la esperanza guardada

En el bolsillo roto de un pantalón

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Rosa Maria Arias
With this song, the most boring day becomes magical and full of life. It encourages you to enjoy every moment.
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Cynthia Gutierrez's avatar
Cynthia Gutierrez
I love this song! The lyrics are super cool and the rhythm is very catchy. I've played them to all my buddies and they are hooked. Right now it's my favorite song of the moment, I can't get it out of my head.
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Victoria Villarreal
Man, I love this song! The lyrics are really cool, how it talks about life and squeezing every moment to the maximum. And I'm not telling you anything about the rhythm, which is very strong and moves anyone's feet. I even recommended it to my roomie, and she hasn't stopped playing it!
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Vinícius Bianco
will be my alarm clock from now on
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Matheus Alvarenga
This song is pure happiness!
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Benjamin Almeida
makes me feel proud of my homeland! Viva Mexico
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Domingo Rangel
this song is awind of emotions!
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Rocha Gabriela
good handwriting...
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Gabriel Marínez
It may be a sticky rolita, but the lyrics are trite. At least it sounds good at a party with friends.
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