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Morena mía, voy a contarte hasta diez

Uno es el sol que te alumbra

Dos tus piernas que matan

Somos tres en tu cama (tres)

Morena mía, el cuarto viene después

Cinco tus continentes

Seis las medias faenas de mis medios calientes

Sigo contando ahorita

Bien, bien, bien, bien, bien, bien

Morena mía, siete son los pecados cometidos

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Morena mía

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When your mouth, touches me, turns me on and provokes me. It bites and destroys me, everything is always little, and move well, queue nobody like you knows how to make me coffee" #MiguelBosé #Café #MorenaMía.
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Julian Solis
"That no one like you knows how to do..." ... What a jewel when Miguel Bosé made this album, he was at the best moment of his career.
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Guilherme Antunes
I'm looking for people who know the song to sing and maybe something else.
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Juan Sánchez
it's a bastard, it turns me on!
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Matheus Alvarenga
I'm late ca
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Anthony Gabriel Bozzi
has a very powerful beat
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João Lucas Bassani
has a very catchy rhythm
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Ricardo Rios
This song is really cool tsss, I love the beat and the artist's voice also sounds great alv! #morenamía
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Eva María Avalos
The "that no one like you knows how to make coffee" is a phrase already in the collective unconscious of Mexico #MiguelBose #Morenamia.
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