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Péricles Fonseca de Faria, better known only as Pericles is a Brazilian singer and composer of samba and pagode. He was the vocalist of the group Exaltasamba, from the first years of the group's career until 2012, currently follows solo career.

Life & Career

He joined Exaltasamba in the early years of the group's career, in the late 1980s with Exaltasamba started playing for Jovelina Pérola Negra playing in the São Paulo concert halls. From 2012 he continued solo career, with the end of the group Exaltasamba and the media went on to say that he was a former member of the group, in the same year recorded the album "Sensações" on the night of May 5, the day of recording singer arrived smiling and one hour late and was cheered by the audience, the concert of the singer was accompanied by 30 musicians and had a string orchestra and 3 supporting singers. In 2013 he released his second DVD called Los Arcos da Lapa, with the help of João, his brother-in-law, recorded live on July 26, 2013 at Fundição Progresso in Rio de Janeiro, the first single from the samba album "Se Eu Largar o Freio". In 2017 his second studio album is released. From the title "Deserto da Ilusão", it brings various performances by artists like Djavan, Sorriso Maroto, Jorge & Mateus and his ex-colleague from Exaltasamba, Chrigor. In 2018 he opens his role as Samba-Script Performer, dividing the official microphone of Mangueira together with Ciganerey. In the same year, he created the "Canal do Pericão", a direct link with his fans on Youtube, where he tackles various issues and founded his Farias Produções office and since then manages his career

Greatest Hits

Vai por Mim - Deserto da Ilusão
Melhor Eu Ir - Feito Pra Durar
Final De Tarde - Nos Arcos da Lapa
Costumes Iguais - Costumes Iguais
Se Eu Largar O Freio - Nos Arcos da Lapa

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