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Life & Career

Born and raised in Catete, south of Rio de Janeiro, he began his musical career in the battles of MCs in Lapa in 2003. Launched in 2009, the album Numa Margem Distante, but only began to stand out nationally from 2012 with the release of the album Vivaz. The single "Neurótico de Guerra" was very successful with the video on Youtube, happening in many channels of clips, like MTV and Multishow.Along with rapper Daniel Shadow and Henrique Lima, better known as Manolee, they founded / created Tudubom Records. In independent media it is one of the most successful record companies in Brazil. In September of 2015, it released its third disc, titled Revel, with its new disc he arrived at the total of 3 million sold and thousands of downloads by all Brazil. Their first album, Vivaz, was released in December of 2012, by the independent record company Tudubom Records. On the day of the online launch, Vivaz had over 7,000 downloads in just 48 hours. On December 18, 2012, the site G1 points to the launch of the first working video of Vivaz CD, with the song "Neurótico de Guerra" . In late 2015 released the single Invicto and the release of the clip, in the final stretch of 2015 released their new album, "Revel", which was successful in the early hours of the release. On August 17, 2018, Audaz released his new album, closing the trilogy, the album already has more than 500,000 videos on YouTube a few days after its release. Filipe Ret is an icon of Brazilian music, poetry and philosophy.

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Filipe Ret
Released: 2015-09-04
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Filipe Ret
Released: 2012-12-20