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# Sertanejo

# Sertanejo Universitário

# Bachata


Gusttavo Lima is a singer and songwriter. He is one of the most famous sertanejo singers in the country.

Life & Career

Gusttavo Lima began his career at the age of nine, playing in the Trio Remelexo, formed by his older brothers, Willian and Marcelo, and later passed through a duo called Gustavo & Alessandro. He became nationally known with the popularity of the song "Balada" which became a hit, reaching the third position of Billboard Brazil. The song was also successful in Europe and the United States. The singer received in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, a prize for the song "Balada". The award was presented by Gerard Zwart, director of the Top 40 Awards. In 2018, he released the album O Embaixador, recorded at the Barretos Peon Festival. The album contains unreleased songs and re-recordings, featuring the first single "Zé da Recaída", which guaranteed the top of the Brazil Hot 100 Airplay charts.

Greatest Hits

Apelido Carinhoso - Buteco do Gusttavo Lima, Vol. 2
Na Hora de Amar (Insensível) - Buteco do Gusttavo Lima, Vol. 2
Homem de Família - Ao Vivo - 50/50 - Ao Vivo (Deluxe)
Balada - Gustavo Lima e você


Best Singer - Best of the Country Movement - 2012
Best Singer - Trofeu Imprensa - 2015
Best Singer - Best of the Country Movement - 2011
Best DVD - Best of the Country Movement - 2011

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