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Artist Overview

# Sertanejo

# Pop

# Forró


This is how these two talented and dreamy boys, after 5 minutes of conversation, decided to make the most important decision of their lives: to form the duo DIEGO E ARNALDO.

Life & Career

For many years they sang professionally, but on different paths. DIEGO followed a solo career, always sang in the region of Ribeirão Preto / SP in the best ballads, weddings and graduations, known for his peculiar tone of voice and his talent to do some imitations of singers like Bruno and Marrone and Jorge and Mateus. ARNALDO, pursued a career with the project Tom and Arnaldo, where he conquered national space with the hits "Dance with everything" and "I'm bad". Today, DIEGO E ARNALDO has already conquered their space in country music in a very short career, with more than 15 shows per month in major Brazilian houses. In addition to major events in the states of SP, MG and GO, the duo are increasingly winning the affection and respect of the public and contractors wherever they go.

Greatest Hits

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