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# Pop

# Brazilian Gospel

# R&B


"Preto no Branco" is a Brazilian band of black music, soul music and contemporary Christian music formed in 2015 in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Life & Career

In 2015, the band released the album Preto no Branco. The project, produced live, received the participation of several musicians, such as singers Israel Salazar and Gabriela Rocha. Together with the band, Gabriela sang the song "Ninguém Explica Deus," which became the group's first hit and was the most performed religious song of the year 2016. With the song, the band achieved national popularity in less than a year. In late 2016, Juninho Black announced his departure from the band. The group received two more members: Jean Michel and Luan Murilo. With this formation, the band released, in 2017, the single "Fé na Vida". In 2018, the band loses one more member, Weslei Santos announces his departure from the Band, to pursue a solo career.

Greatest Hits

Ninguém Explica Deus - Ao Vivo - Preto no Branco (Ao Vivo)
Me Deixe Aqui - Preto no Branco 2
Os Sonhos de Deus - Ao Vivo - Preto no Branco (Ao Vivo)
O Sacrifício - Preto no Branco 2
Eu Te Agradeço - Ao Vivo - Preto no Branco (Ao Vivo)

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