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Titãs are a rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. Though they basically play pop/alternative rock.

Life & Career

Their music has touched a number of other styles throughout their 30-year career, such as new wave, punk rock, grunge, MPB and electronic music.They are one of the most successful rock bands in Brazil, having sold more than 6,3 million albums as of 2005 and having been covered by several well-known Brazilian artists and a couple of international singers.They were awarded a Latin Grammy in 2009 and have won the Imprensa Trophy for Best Band a record four times.Titãs started with a rather unusual line-up of nine members (including six lead vocalists): Nando Reis (bass guitar, vocals), Branco Mello (vocals), Marcelo Fromer (Rhythm guitar), Arnaldo Antunes (vocals), Tony Bellotto (Lead guitar), Paulo Miklos (sax, mandolin, harmonica, vocals), André Jung (drums), Sérgio Britto (keyboards, vocals) and Ciro Pessoa (vocals).Pessoa quickly left the band even before their debut album, Titãs, was released.André Jung was the initial drummer, but just after Titãs he also quit and was replaced by Charles Gavin, establishing their classic line-up.Since then, the band lost five members who were never officially replaced: in 1992, Antunes left to pursue a solo career.In 2001, Fromer died after being hit by a motorcycle in São Paulo.In the next year, Reis also left the group to focus on his solo albums.In 2010, Gavin left due to personal reasons.The most recent change was the departure of Miklos, who wanted to focus on personal projects.After Fromer's death and Reis' departure, the band performed with some session guitarists and bassists, but ended up having Mello and Britto as full-time bassists (with Britto performing only when Mello sings) and Miklos as the rhythm guitarist.After Gavin left, the band has been working with Mario Fabre, a session drummer.For Miklos' position, they hired Rita Lee's son Beto Lee.The band has released their latest studio album in 2018, titled Doze Flores Amarelas.

Greatest Hits

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