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Artist Overview

# Pagode

# Samba

# Forró


Pixote is a Brazilian band of romantic pagode

Life & Career

The first work was the participation of the group in the collection "Pagode de Primeira", where they interpreted the songs Dream Real and Dream of Poet. In 1995, they finally released their first album, "Brilho de Cristal", where the group broke out with the band of the same name and Cada Um Cada Um, mainly in the interior and in the city of São Paulo. The track "Mal de amor", which is part of this same album, is the only one that is not sung in the voice of Dodo, but the keyboard player Thiaguinho, who was then the youngest member of the group with only seven years old. The second CD, "Tão Inocente", left in the wake of previous work and leveraged six hits on the charts. The boys then make the biggest step of their career by signing a contract with Continental East West, where they released the third album of their career, "Tá Bom Demais", in 2000, where they rely on the careful production of Bira Hawai . But not everything was easy before success. They had many difficulties early in their careers. And they fought hard in other, less-illuminated stages. Douglas was a McDonalds attendant. Tiola sold auto parts. Mineiro was tour guide in Ouro Preto / MG.

Greatest Hits

Insegurança - 15 Anos Ao Vivo (Live)
Agora Ce Quer - Agora Ce Quer
Nem de Graça - Nem de Graça
Mande um Sinal - 15 Anos Ao Vivo (Live)
Franqueza / Tão Inocente / Tudo por Você - 15 Anos Ao Vivo (Live)

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