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Julio Preciado is a banda singer based in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.His music is based on norteño songs, such as those of Los Cadetes de Linares, and sometimes includes accordions in addition to bass instruments.Julio Preciado was a former member of La Banda el Recodo.Julio Preciado has been on a Mexican singing show called "Cantando Por Un Sueño".He also sang with the popular band La Banda Sinaloense El Recodo.On occasion, he also sings with a mariachi, as evident in the 2001 release of his CD, Entre Amigos. On February 2, 2009 he was assigned to sing the Mexican National Anthem in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, as a part of the Opening Ceremony of the Caribbean Baseball Series (Serie del Caribe).He made several mistakes in the anthem lyrics and musical pace, being majorly booed by the audience. Some factors came into play during the failure to sing the national anthem properly since the background music did not play, so he decided to improvise by singing a cappella.He decided to extend the improvisation.The audience's reaction caused the local sound to be shut off to protect Preciado from more serious actions by an angered public, so he could stop singing.In fact some people in the stadium assure that the singer was drunk. Julio apologized to the audience and in a written statement hoping he will get a second chance to sing the national anthem in the future. Before the Carnival of Mazatlan he was a serious candidate to be burned as a "burn of bad humor" (La quema del mal humor), an event that burns the people or event that represents the worst thing for the people, But since he was a diputade with license and using his influence and money in the town of Mazatlan he was saved of that "un-honor" despite he won the votes of the people of Mazatlan to be burned. Since he was not burned in that event the people of Mazatlan towards his anger with his daughter Yuliana Preciado, during the parade where she was elected as a "Infant Queen" in the middle of corruption and scandal, the people started to sing the Mexican National Anthem loudly to her in protest.

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