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Eduardo Costa, nome artístico de Edson Vander da Costa Batista (Belo Horizonte,13 de dezembro de 1979) é um cantor e compositor brasileiro de música sertaneja.

Life & Career

Eduardo Costa started career in the early 1990s in bars in Belo Horizonte. In 1994 , he formed a band called K & Pira with his partner Juninho. The band, however, did not last long. Soon after, he launched with another duo, Eduardo & Cristiano, who was also unsuccessful. In 2000 , Eduardo began his solo career, recording an acoustic CD composed of recordings. By this time, it was already beginning to gain prominence with the song "Open Heart". In 2003, he released the CD Eduardo Costa, his first career album. By 2009, Eduardo Costa surpassed the mark of more than 2 million sales, adding all the records of his career. On 12 of June of 2019 , Valentine's Day , Eduardo released the official video for " Pirate Heart ," a remake of New clothes, on your channel on YouTube.

Greatest Hits

Olha Ela Aí - Olha Ela AíSaudade - Eduardo Costa na FazendaPra Sempre - Pra SempreLaço Aberto - Ao Vivo - Cabaré Night Club (Ao Vivo)As Andorinhas - Ao Vivo - Cabaré Night Club (Ao Vivo)

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