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Hombres G is a Spanish pop rock band, formed in Spain in 1983.They are widely considered one of Spain's most prominent pop groups of the 1980s and early 1990s.The band consists of David Summers (bass, vocals), Rafael Gutierrez (guitar), Dani Mezquita (guitar), and Javi Molina (drums). Hombres G made their live debut at Madrid's Rock-Ola in 1983.Their sound was influenced by the early Beatles and the British new wave movement.They found commercial success with the release of Hombres G (1985) and the song "Devuélveme a mi chica".The youthful and adolescent nature of their music attracted a large audience, both at home and abroad — thousands covered the Gran Vía Madrileña during the release of their two films and Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport was nearly closed due to the 20,000 fans that congregated on the landing runway during their first visit to Perú. The group's sound began to expand and show more adult concerns with the albums Voy a pasármelo bien (1989) and Ésta es tu vida (1990).Hombres G went on hiatus after the release of their 1992 album, Historia del bikini.David pursued a solo career, Rafa and Dani remained involved in the music industry, and Javi devoted time to his bar in Madrid. The group reconvened in 2002 and released Peligrosamente Juntos, a collection of new material, demos, and hits.Hombres G also embarked on an international tour.In 2003, a variety of groups paid tribute to them — Voy a pasármelo bien, un tributo a Hombres G was released in Europe and ''¿Qué te pasa?Estás borracho: Un tributo a Hombres G'' in the Americas. Todo esto es muy extraño (2004) was the first studio album released after the end of their hiatus.The following year they completed a sold-out tour with the Spanish pop rock band El Canto del Loco.Their next album, 10 (2007), received a nomination at the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards.Since then, they've released Desayuno continental (2010), and En la playa (2011).

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Voy A Pasarmelo Bien

Hombres G
Released: 1998-01-22