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Diego & Victor Hugo is a Brazilian duo of country music.

Life & Career

Author of hits recorded by names like Henrique & Juliano and Wesley Safadão, the union of Diego & Victor Hugo marked the success of the duo in the scene of sertaneja music in Brazil. Their fashions began to gain fame, as hits in the repertoire of other artists, who saw in them their melodic particularity deposited recording the first extended plays (EP) with five singles, and one of the compositions began to be disputed by other artists, among them Cristiano Araújo and Henrique and Juliano, who recorded in one of his albums "Calafrio as a bonus track." The music and the name of the duo exploded in the Sertanejo universe, however, in almost all parts of Brazil. Marrone, Henrique & Juliano, Gusttavo Lima, Jads and Jadson, Maiara and Maraísa, in an explosive mix of the highest quality.The first work song of the last album is the track "Sem contra indicação" with the special participation of Bruno & Marrone The track was among the most performed in the country, reaching inclusve and can 03 times the first place in the national ranking of execution in radios.

Greatest Hits

Sem Contraindicação - Sem Contraindicação (Ao Vivo)
O Alvo - O Alvo (Ao Vivo)
Prefiro Nem Perguntar - Prefiro Nem Perguntar
Interfone - Sem Contraindicação, Parte 1 (Ao Vivo)
#Baladeira - #Baladeira (Ao Vivo)

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